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East Van EP is a collection of four short games that will be built over the next year or so. Basically, I think videogames should be more like music, so I've decided to pretend like they are! Purchase the EP now and you will receive all four games when they are released. AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!!!!!! WOW!!!!

lol. who is this?

c e M e l u s i n e of S I L V E R S T R I N G


  2. Summon The Apgrod (Coming Soon!!!!)
  3. ???
  4. ???


Its about being an oracle. I know riiiiiiight. Procedurally Generated Surreal Visions! Prophecies! Ancient Transcendent Horrors! Networks of Signification!

Music by Chibwé Mweene

Cover Art by Mariella Villalobos

"As simple as the gameplay is, every time I boot it up, I find myself hypnotized by the atmosphere and the language. There's something aboutOracle that feels oddly grand and ancient." - Danielle Riendeau (Polygon)

"ΘRAΩLE's procedurally generated visions act as a lyrical canvas for us to engage in an epistemological exercise. It's just like sitting down to listen to an album with the lyric booklet at hand, joining the dots between verse and chord to understand what each song is about." - Chris Priestman (Kill Screen)

"Like the declarations of Mountain, I find the symbols and prophecies pleasing to contemplate; they're little focuses for reflection." - Alice O'Connor (Rock Paper Shotgun)

Summon The Apgrod (Coming Soon!!!!)

Who or what is The Apgrod? Find out in this dreamy bartender simulator. First person shooters! Math! Procedural summoning ritual! Three vapourwave endings! Big hats!

But ceMelusine! I can't afford to pay for these games/am press!

That's totally cool. I still want you to play the games, so feel free to email me at ceMelusine (at) gmail.com and tell me which games you are interested in playing. I'll will totally hook you up with a copy. Also maybe follow me on the tweester or something (@ceMelusine).

Special Thanks

Andrew Grant Wilson, Brendan Vance, Emily Yakashiro, Hannah Marie, Liberty Bell, Lucas J.W. Johnson, Valérie Tartavel-Jeannot & especially to all my awesome contributors.


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